In the ever-evolving world of interior design, it’s no secret that some trends fade while others resurface with new appeal. Carpets have long been a popular floor covering that warms up spaces and is easy to match with other home furnishings, but in recent years some homeowners have opted for hardwood, vinyl and even laminate flooring as a way to make their homes more modern and sleek. Others aren’t ready to give up on carpet altogether. So, are carpets in style?


It seems that carpet isn’t just back – it’s bolder than ever. Designers have been experimenting with patterned carpet, geometric designs, cut and loop textures and other textured finishes that create visual interest and add texture to rooms. This trend is likely to continue into 2024, and we expect that homeowners will be able to find carpet that perfectly fits their unique design aesthetic.

Earthy colors have been popular for carpeting in recent years, and they aren’t likely to go out of fashion any time soon. Pale earth tones like beige, taupe and various shades of gray provide a soft background that works well with many design styles and easily coordinates with furniture, window dressings, paint and other home accent colors. Darker colors are also making a comeback, with designers choosing muted greens and mossy hues that work well with the trendy rustic and farmhouse styles that are popular in many other aspects of home design.

The latest craze for carpeting is the addition of intricate floral patterns to the mix. While these patterns have popped up on other rug styles, they are a natural fit for carpet and create a unique look at that pairs nicely with both traditional and contemporary designs. If you are looking for something a little more wild, then leopard and snake skin patterns can add some oomph to your room without going overboard.

Lastly, we are seeing a resurgence of plush, or shag, carpeting. This carpeting has a luxurious feel and adds warmth to any space. It’s great for bedrooms, TV rooms and other relaxing areas of the home where kicking back is an important part of the décor. This groovy carpeting comes in many colors and can be matched with patterned or textured area rugs to complete the look.

While there is a place for wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s important to consider the room’s function and lifestyle when choosing the right carpet color and texture. Lighter shades can brighten up small rooms and create a sense of space while darker shades can warm up larger rooms and make them feel more cozy. If the room is used for children’s play or high-traffic areas, a stain resistant or patterned carpet may be a better choice to handle spills and wear and tear.